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2007 Schedule 
2007 Schedule (as of December 1, 2007)

January 20, 2007: St. Mary's Fundraiser Waterloo, NY 7pm

February 10, 2007: Fasching Night at Utica Maennerchor Marcy, NY 7pm

March 10, 2007:  Winnek Post #396 American Legion   Geneva, NY  6:30pm

March 24, 2007:  St. Patrick's Day Bash  Camden, NY  4:30pm

April 9, 2007:  Dyngus Day Bash at Classics V  Amherst, NY  6pm

April 28, 2007: Hart's Hill Inn Yorkville, NY  8pm

May 15, 2007:  Silver & Gold Gala at Pensabene's Casa Grande   Syracuse, NY  4pm

May 17, 2007:  Kallet Theatre   Oneida, NY  2pm

May 20, 2007:  Copenhagen Fire Hall    Copenhagen, NY  1pm

June 8, 2007: Syracuse Polish Festival Syracuse, NY   6pm

June 13, 2007:  Village Park   Whitesboro, NY  6:30pm

June 16, 2007:  Fayette Fire Hall    Seneca Falls, NY  2:30pm

June 17, 2007:  Barnes Homestead   Waterville, NY  5pm

June 23, 2007:  Utica Masonic Festival  Utica, NY  1pm

June 24, 2007:  FPB Fan Club Summer Picnic Party  (members only)  Verona, NY  1pm

June 28, 2007:  Oswego Farmers' Market   Oswego, NY  6pm

July 1, 2007:  St. Hyacinth Parish Picnic   Auburn, NY  2pm

July 5, 2007:  Yorkville Park   Yorkville, NY  6:30pm

July 10, 2007:  Village Green   Clinton, NY  7pm

July 12, 2007:  Lock #20 Park   Marcy, NY  6:30pm

July 14, 2007:  Blanchard Homestead   Beaver Dams, NY  5pm

July 15, 2007:  Vapor at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway   Saratoga Springs, NY  3pm

July 16, 2007:  Bridgeport Summer Concert Series    Bridgeport, NY  6:30pm

July 17, 2007: Pulaski Park    New York Mills, NY 7pm

July 19, 2007:  Kallet Theatre   Oneida, NY  6pm

July 21, 2007:  Lumberjack Festival   Deposit, NY  12:30pm

July 22, 2007:  Town of Madison Bicentennial at Madison Lake Park    Madison, NY  1:30pm

July 23, 2007:  Utica Monday Nite at Chancellor Park   (rained out)  Utica, NY  6:30pm

July 24, 2007:  Oneida County Fair (Hof Brau)   Boonville, NY  8pm

July 27, 2007:  Village Park   Port Henry, NY  6pm

July 28, 2007:  Harding Nursing Home   Waterville, NY  11:30am

July 28, 2007:  Stockbridge Community Fair   Munnsville, NY  2:30pm

July 31, 2007:  Reilly-Mumford Park    Sherrill, NY  7pm

August 2, 2007:  International Boxing Hall of Fame  Canastota, NY  6:30pm

August 3, 2007:  Dibble's Inn   Vernon, NY  7:30pm

August 4, 2007:  Old Home Day  Vernon Center, NY  10am

August 4, 2007:  Eagles Club   Saratoga Springs, NY  3pm

August 5, 2007:  Swiss Picnic at Stysh's Brown Barn Campground   Boonville, NY  1pm

August 7, 2007:  Summer Concert Series at Folts Homes   Herkimer, NY  7pm

August 9, 2007:  Hamilton Village Series at Village Green   Hamilton, NY  7pm

August 12, 2007:  Vapor at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway   Saratoga Springs, NY  3pm

August 14, 2007: Pulaski Park New York Mills, NY 6:30pm

August 24, 2007: Washington County Fair Greenwich, NY 6pm

August 25, 2007: Friar Tuck Resort Catskill, NY 4pm

August 26, 2007:  Concert by the Lake  Old Forge, NY  7pm

August 27, 2007: New York State Fair Syracuse, NY noon

August 28, 2007: New York State Fair Syracuse, NY noon

August 30, 2007:  Schaghticoke Fair   Schaghticoke, NY  4pm

September 8, 2007: Salmon River Festival Pulaski, NY 10am

September 14, 2007:  West Leyden Town Pavilion  West Leyden, NY  7pm

September 15, 2007: Anthony Road Wine Company Penn Yan, NY 11:30am

September 15, 2007:  Metropolitan Club   New York, NY  11:15pm

September 16, 2007: Kiwanis Oktoberfest Boonville, NY  1pm

September 22, 2007:  Herkimer Bicentennial Parade   Herkimer, NY  12:30pm

September 23, 2007:  Bear Mountain Oktoberfest  Bear Mountain, NY  noon

September 29, 2007:  Maine Homestead   North Brookfield, NY  noon

September 29, 2007:  Oktoberfest at German Club   Binghamton, NY  6pm

September 30, 2007:  Wheel Days   Brookfield, NY  11am

October 6, 2007:  Cortland Pumpkin Festival   Cortland, NY  12:30pm

October 6, 2007: Lake Delta Yacht Club    Rome, NY 6pm

October 7, 2007: Oktoberfest at Franklin Hotel  Rome, NY 1pm

October 13, 2007:  McDonald Homestead  Chittenango, NY 2pm

October 14, 2007: Snow Ridge Oktoberfest Turin, NY 1pm

October 21, 2007:  Oktoberfest at Hotel Solsville   Solsville, NY  1pm

October 26, 2007:  Norwich Pumpkin Festival   Norwich, NY  7pm

October 27, 2007:  Vapor at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway   Saratoga Springs, NY  3pm

October 28, 2007:  Wampsville Fireman's Building   Wampsville, NY  1pm

November 2, 2007: Kutsher's Country Club Monticello, NY 1pm

November 3, 2007: Kutsher's Country Club Monticello, NY 11am

November 10, 2007:  Vapor at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway   Saratoga Springs, NY  3pm

November 17, 2007:  Schlachtfest at Utica Maennerchor  Marcy, NY  7pm

December 8, 2007:  WMCR's "Share A Caring Christmas"   Oneida, NY  10:30am

December 8, 2007:  FPB Fan Club Holiday Party (members only)  Verona, NY  6pm

December 30, 2007:  private party   West Point, NY  7pm

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