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2003 Schedule  

January 20:    New York State Association of Agricultural Fairs Showcase    Rochester, NY  9pm

January 25:   St. Mary's Church Fundraiser                           Waterloo, NY            7pm

February 22:  The Daily Grind                                               Walton, NY                8pm

March 1:      Fasching Night at Utica Maennerchor Hall           Marcy, NY               7pm

March 2:     Lakeside Ballroom                                               Barnesville, PA          3pm

March 30:    Benefit for Chris Brooks at Lee Center Fire Hall  Lee Center, NY       noon

April 11:      Adam Barthalt's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel South Fallsburg, NY  1pm

April 12:      Adam Barthalt's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel South Fallsburg, NY  11am

April 13:      Adam Barthalt's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel  South Fallsburg, NY  11am

April 25:     Press Conference Party for Polish Festival 2003   Syracuse, NY     noon

April 25:     Firehouse Pub & Restaurant                        Harrisburg, PA           10pm

April 26:     St. James Reception Hall                             Lititz, PA                     8pm

April 27:     Elk's Lodge                                                Lebanon, PA                2pm

May 3:       Polish Community Club                                 Utica, NY                     4pm

May 4:       Verona Historical Association Building Dedication   Verona, NY    4pm

May 17:     Verona Fire Hall                                           Verona, NY                3:30pm

May 26:    Vernon Downs                                            Vernon, NY                1:30pm

June 3:       Pulaski Park                                                  New York Mills, NY      7pm

June 7:       Benefit for Lori Miller at Boonville VFW          Boonville, NY               4pm

June 8:       Verona Field Days                                           Verona, NY                  6pm

June 19:     George Eastman House                                    Rochester, NY            6:30pm

June 20:    Syracuse Polish Festival 2003                            Syracuse, NY               5pm

June 21:    Masonic Festival                                                Utica, NY                     1pm

June 22:   FPB Fan Club Summer Picnic Party   (members only)  Verona, NY    1pm

July 3:      Summer Music Series                                        Oneonta, NY                7pm

July 5:       90th Birthday party for John Scherz                    Rome, NY                   noon

July 6:      "Red, White, & Blue Weekend"                          Boonville, NY               1pm

July 8:     Reilly-Mumford Park                                           Sherrill, NY                   7pm

July 9:    "World in the Square"                                            Syracuse, NY                 noon

July 9:     Village Park                                                         Whitesboro, NY            7pm

July 11:  Bell Festival at Pulaski Park                                  New York Mills, NY     5pm

July 12:   Party for Pat & Rocky Reed                                 Ilion, NY                          2pm

July 13:  Oneida Block Party                                               Oneida, NY                      noon

July 13:    St. Hyacinth Parish Picnic                                   Auburn, NY                      4pm

July 14:    Bridgeport Summer Concert Series                      Bridgeport, NY                6:30pm

July 15:     Pulaski Park                                                       New York Mills, NY             7pm

July 16:    Lewis County Fair                                                Lowville, NY                         9pm

July 17:    Higinbotham Park                                                 Oneida, NY                       6:30pm

July 20:   Madison County Fair                                            Brookfield, NY                      3pm

July 23:   Oneida County Fair                                               Boonville, NY                       7pm

July 24:   "Summer Sensations Concert Series" at Marcellus Park  Marcellus, NY            7pm

July 25:    Italian-America Fest                                            Oneonta, NY                         7pm

July 26:   Hamilton Summer Music Mix                                 Hamilton, NY                        11am

July 26:   Stockbridge Community Fair                                  Munnsville, NY                   2pm

July 26:   American Legion                                                   Sangerfield, NY                    6pm

July 27:   Harborfest (Fort Ontario Stage)                             Oswego, NY                      3:15pm

July 28:    Madison Lake Town Park                                    Madison, NY                    6:30pm

July 29:    Red Rose Retiree Rally                                        Frankfort, NY                    7:30pm

July 30:  Village Park                                                           Boonville, NY                       7pm

July 31: "Music in the Park"                                                 Camden, NY                          7pm

August 1:    Village Park                                                     Port Henry, NY                 6:30pm

August 2:   Old Home Day at Village Park                          Vernon Center, NY               10am

August 2:    Anken Party                                                     Steuben Valley, NY              6pm

August 3: Swiss Picnic at Stysh's Brown Barn                      Boonville, NY                       noon

August 4:  Rome Summer Sounds Series                              Rome, NY                              7pm

August 5: Village Green                                                         Clinton, NY                           7pm

August 6: Village Park                                                            Sylvan Beach, NY                7pm

August 7:   Good Old Summertime Festival                               Utica, NY                               3pm

August 7:  Clark Park                                                                Canastota, NY                  6:30pm

August 8:  Angelo Canna Park                                                  Cairo, NY                               7pm

August 9:   FPB/Jagermeister Party at Hotel Solsville                   Solsville, NY                         9pm

August 10: Oneida Castle Village Park                                       Oneida, NY                            2pm

August 12:  Pulaski Park                                                              New York Mills, NY         6:30pm

August 13:   Mayor's Music on the Move                                    Utica, NY                               6pm

August 14:  Lock #20 Park                                                          Marcy, NY                             6pm

August 16:  "Music on the Green"                                                    Wells, NY                            7:30pm

August 19:  Boston Beer Company/Sam Adams Oktoberfest Party   Bronx, NY                              4:30pm

August 21:  Yorkville Summer Concert Series                            Yorkville, NY                         7pm        

August 22:  Forestport Summer Festival                                      Forestport, NY                      7pm

August 23:  Adam Barthalt's Polka Fest at Friar Tuck Resort         Catskill, NY                           8pm

August 26:  New York State Fair (Pizza Hut Special Events Stage) Syracuse, NY                        noon

August 31:   Labor Day Celebration                                              Port Henry, NY                     3pm

September 6: Anniversary Party                                                     Oneida, NY                            4pm

September 7:  Historical St. John's Church Bazaar                          Utica, NY                               12:30pm

September 13: Salmon River Festival                                             Pulaski, NY                            10am

September 13:  Oktoberfest at Anthony Road Wine Company       Penn Yan, NY                       2pm

September 14:  Wheel Days                                                           Brookfield, NY                      2pm

September 20:  Pork Roast at Taberg American Legion                  Taberg, NY                            1pm

September 21: Vernon Mini Fair at Vernon Downs                        Vernon, NY                           10am

September 21:  "Taste of Rome" Festival                                       Rome, NY                              1:30pm

September 27:  Hudson Valley Garlic Festival                                Saugerties, NY                   11:30am

September 27:  Gottscheer Hall                                                    Ridgewood, NY                    9pm

September 28:  Hudson Valley Garlic Festival                               Saugerties, NY                    11:30am

September 30: filming of scene for The Manchurian Candidate, a Paramount Picture        Nyack, NY      4pm

October 3:   Bill Flynn's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel              South Fallsburg, NY            noon

October 4:   Bill Flynn's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel               South Fallsburg, NY            3pm

October 5:   Oktoberfest at Franklin Hotel                                      Rome, NY                              1pm

October 7:    The Nottingham                                                        Jamesville, NY                      3:30pm

October 11:  Oktoberfest at New Hartford Shopping Center            New Hartford, NY                noon

October 11:  Oktoberfest at The Blue Tusk                                       Syracuse, NY                        7pm

October 12:   Fall Festival                                                                  Boonville, NY                       1pm

October 17:   Acascia Village                                                               Utica, NY                               6pm

October 18:  Norwich Oktoberfest                                                       Norwich, NY                         1pm

October 18:   Oktoberfest at German Club                                             Binghamton, NY                   7pm

October 19:   Oktoberfest at Hotel Solsville                                             Solsville, NY                         1pm

October 25:    Norwich Pumpkin Festival                                                 Norwich, NY                         5pm

October 26:   Masonic Party                                                                   Whitesboro, NY                   1pm

October 26:   Wedding at Fulton Polish Home                                          Fulton, NY                             5:30pm

November 1:   Polish Falcon Club                                                             Auburn, NY                          9pm

November 2:  Benefit for Breast Cancer Research at Lee Center Fire Hall   Lee Center, NY                     2pm

November 8:  25th Anniversary Celebration for FPB (with special guest, Walter Ostanek)  Rome, NY    7pm

November 17:  WVIA Channel 44 TV taping                                              Pittston, PA                          8pm

November 21:  Adam Barthalt's Polka Weekend at Raleigh Hotel                South Fallsburg, NY            1pm

November 22:   Schlachtfest at Utica Maennerchor                                     Marcy, NY                             7pm

December 12: Glen Burtnik's "Christmas Xtravaganza" at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill    New York, NY       8pm

December 13: WMCR "Share a Caring Christmas"                                         Oneida, NY                        10:15am

December 13:  FPB Fan Club Holiday Party              (members only)             Verona, NY                            6pm

December 16:  Calvary Club                                                                            Manlius, NY                          6:30pm

December 20:  American Legion                                                                       Sangerfield, NY                    7:30pm

December 31:  First Night Oneonta                                                                   Oneonta, NY                         8pm

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